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Experience, Reasoning and Heart

50+ harvests, 40 years of wine making, 3 varietals: Nebbiolo, Barbera and Dolcetto. 2 territories together as Langa and Roero tell the story of our 6 red wines, which are expressions of our intuitions, careful observations and continuous thinking. We have always been driven by a single overriding and thriving ambition: to discover new nuances in each harvest. Expressing them in our wines is what we want and love doing! Each grape gathering has its own harmony, and each wine a story in itself.


"Everything I have lived for and experienced has brought me here today". Luciano Sandrone

We have dedicated ourselves to the wine for more than 50 years with rationality, with thought and with all our love. The first impression is that of Luciano who without Family heritage chooses the perfect quality for his wines, tracing a clear path. Luciano taught us who we are today. The choice of only native vines in the best areas of Barolo is the basis of the Sandrone philosophy, once upon a time as today.


"With conscience and heart but without prescription we lead to the glass the expression of a great territory."

Deep is the knowledge of the territory in which my family and I have lived, and deep is the respect we hold for it, as well as the pride in being a part of it. Aware of the uniqueness of the lands we work, our goal is to go beyond the uniformity. The constant challenge is to apply a persistent and sustained reasoning to create a well-defined style. And it is the style that makes the difference, that distinguishes our wines from others. A well-defined footprint recognized in every vintage. That traces each vintage... Nuance after nuance.


"Wines that come from the heart stand out because they tell a story."

We are a company in the Family. With great heart and humbleness, we work each vineyard respecting nature and its distinctive character, bringing it to the glass. The wine is for us a question of heart. It is life and movement.... Slow... Continuous... Deep.

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