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VITE TALIN Barolo 2014


The vine | this variety has sparse vegetation, with leaves that are rough, thick and deeply indented. The plant is less vigorous and more contained, both in appearance and in terms of production.


The grapes | the bunches, like the individual grape, are smaller than average and display the typical Nebbiolo powdery-white bloom at maturity. Their color is very intense.


Vite Talin 2014 confirms all of these characteristics. These traits, which account for the uniqueness and recognizability of the vine as more “rustic”, have rendered the plant more resistant to both disease and hostile climatic conditions.


The 2014 growing season, which began in March, was characterized by continuous rainfall and a few hailstorms. Therefore, we decided to take preventive measures: thinning was performed earlier than usual and on three different occasions, ensuring that each plant carried the correct quantity of grapes. Our aim was, in fact, to obtain an ideal balance between fruit quantity and health. While always respecting the vine, we made timely interventions in the “cluster area” to free the bunches from excessive leaves, which allowed the grapes to benefit from better exposure to sun, light and air. The work is only possible through manual and technical experience, supported by the skill of the winemaker, who must possess the ability to make effective choices for the plants given the climatic conditions. This work, along with the inherent physiology of Vite Talin, reduced the possible risk of mildew or rot. In September the weather improved, bringing with it a good temperature range and thus the perfect conditions for maturation and harvest.


Vite Talin 2014 produced grapes that could be considered among the finest of the region. Season after season Talin has distinguished itself within the vineyard: its character and fierceness have allowed the vine to fully meet our expectations. In 2014, favorable weather conditions in October and the excellent health of the grapes allowed us to harvest right on October 18th. Waiting allowed for perfect maturation and created the ideal balance inside the grapes, resulting in a wine recognizable for its complexity.


Ratings for the vintage 2014

Wine Advocate 96 points 
Vinous 97 points
Wine Enthusiast 99 points
Falstaff 98 punkte
AIS 4 viti 
Kerin O'Keefe 99 points


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The wine deeply colored bright ruby red with violet hues. Aromatic complexity unfolds in the glass, reaffirming itself with every swirl. It releases aromas of dark fruit, black cherries and licorice root, accompanied with subtle notes of wood and vanilla, forming a bouquet of delicate nuances. In the mouth, the tannins predominate at this stage. The acidity is well-balanced and the finish is extremely persistent. It presents a structure that is already mature yet harmonious yet able to tickle the senses with a vibrant thrill and a distinct personality. It is a wine naturally destined to evolve. Its full maturity will be achieved during the course of two decades.


Vite Talin 2014 offers lightness paired with potency. Every glass carries with it a sense of timelessness: both for the wine cellar and on the table.
A wine that will last forever.


Alcohol: 14% 




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